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What is involved?

Existential counselling and psychotherapy involve looking at the issues you are facing in an open and two-way discussion. Your assumptions will be challenged and we will work together to find new perspectives and aim to make sense of your situation.

As your world is revealed to me in the sessions you will not be judged, labelled or pigeonholed. There is no stigma involved in recognising a need for help at stages in our lives and there is always the possibility for dealing with our problems in a more effective way. As we explore your beliefs you will develop a greater sense of who you are, where you are in your life and what you want to achieve. You may discover strengths and passions that might have got somehow lost along the way.

I will not give answers, but will help you to find your own as we discover possibilities together. I will challenge things that you say, in order to help us both understand things more clearly.